Stolen Sharpie Revolution: The Great California Round up!

So, Paul and I flew down to Oakland last week to go to 1984 Printing where the rest of the print run of Stolen Sharpie Revolution were be stored by the very gracious Amy.

Me juggling books

Me juggling books

We then hand stickered 2,000 copies with ISBN stickers in a little over 3 hours and carted them over to AK press for distribution.

Paul stickering away.

Paul stickering away.

Then we loaded the rest of the print run into a rental car and made our way up to coast stopping at breweries, the redwoods and crater lake on our trip home. Feel free to check out my personal blog Love Letters To Irony for more info if you are interested in stories and pictures.

I’m getting some of the first reviews of Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2. this one is from Maximum RockNRoll:

Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2

“This is the second installation of the how-to guide to making zines. Kind of similar, but totally overhauled, and now Stolen Sharpie Revolution includes stuff about the internets. It’s really useful and pretty open-ended, unlike a lot of how-to guides that get way too this-is-the-only-way and mega complex and stuff. It’s also a good resource for finding distros, review mags, and zine libraries. Totally seems like something to give yr[sic] little sister to impress her towards being cool, but I also felt like I learned some stuff, though I couldn’t say what. Not essential but really super helpful.”

They also gave Brainscan 23 a good review.

I bought a new Color Laser printer and am offering new printer celebration discounts on orders of 100 custom buttons. Check this out for more info.

Tomorrow starts International Zine Month! What are you planning to do? Teach a workshop about zines? Attend a workshop about zine or a zine fest? Leave your zine in random places for otehr to find? Create a zine for the 24 hour zine thing? Let me know what you have planned! If you have an even to post on the International Zine Month site let me know that too!


One Response to “Stolen Sharpie Revolution: The Great California Round up!”

  1. Ah, glad to see I’m not the only person that still gets silly excited by the printing process! Actually if convention allowed I’d still be making potato prints in the the kitchen every day!

    Ah fuck it, *rolls up sleeves and grabs spuds*

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