SSR, Portland Zine Symposium dates and more!

First, 2009 Portland Zine Symposium dates are scheduled for July 24-26. Mark your calendars!

I spend 10 hours sitting hunched over on the floor of my office working on layout for Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2 today but you aren’t gettin a video. I  never got out of my pajams and had a beer and an ice cream treat for dinner and now I’m in bed ready to crash but I have a few things to get to.

Most of the SSR layout is done now I’ll need to scan everything and get it ready to send to the printer hopefully in the next week. Once it is at the printer I’ll state taking preorders! It has been such a looooong time coming it is pretty exciting to finally be getter here!

I also wanted to mention that my housemate Marc Parker (who you may know as the zine librarian at the IPRC, or the brains behind Zine Thug or his zine BigFucking Deal) and I are going to start a zine podcast. We have had afew brain storming sessions but I want to get the SSR stuff out the way before I can focus on that. The title will be Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast (thanks to Paul for the title!) We plan on interivews and news from zineland and hopefully witty banter. Keep your ears open, it sohould be good times!

I have been kicking around ideas about what I’ll do with this blog when Stolen Sharpie is done and I think I may just make this my general zine blog with updates about zine events and whatnot going on in the world of zines.  I hope someone would find that amusing.

here’s two more videos from SSR progress:



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