A few things of note.

I just finished writing my first artist statement and bio and sent image to the gallery for a show that I was invited to take part it about text and fonts. I’m still at a loss as to how I got accepted to this sort of thing. Here’s a link to the show. I’m interested to see how this turns out. The funny thing is that the show is in the firehouse on Interstate, like 3 blocks from my house!

Also I was interviewed by the fabulous Ciara at Learning to Leave A Paper Trail Distro. Check out the interview here. You might just learn something.

I had my first Sunday shift at the IPRC last night. I switched with Marc so he has Friday’s now. Sundays at the IPRC were my second assigned position many years ago when we were open all day on Sunday. Now the shift is shorter. I tried making copies with the new copier but it is really slow and seems to think it has a jam when it doesn’t.

Ok, I’m off to go make some coffee for me and roast some coffee for other people.


4 Responses to “A few things of note.”

  1. Looking forward to SSR #2!

    Also, the URL to your interview goes to Paper Train Distro. Cool name, unfortunately nonexistent. 😛

  2. The interview is under the interviews on the Learning to leave a paper trail distro’s site.

  3. yeah, but the link goes to http://paperTRAINdistro.com – typo.

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