We Make Zine- My new favorite place on the internets!

I love We make Zines! Krissy Durden fromponyboy press, imaginary life zine and figure 8 zine) created an awesome little social networking community just for us zine kids!


I love that you can upload photos of your zines (I uploaded just about every cover of brainscan!) or zines in progress or zine events. I love that there are are so many zine events listed! I love that there are groups that you could start a group for zinester’s over 30 or music zines or perzines or groups based on geographic location.

I love that the gooey zine bits don’t get lost in the lj friends lists or your myspace list with boyfriends from Jr. High and highschool (no offense to jr. high or high school ex-boyfriends). I love that it is just about zines! I secretly love that I can firmly know the name of some of the people that do zines or know the name of the zines of people that I already know but forget their zines sometimes! So, sign up and make a listing.


Between We Make Zines and the new Crabby Media messageboard, all the new zine* distros, and lots of zine events I predict a brave new future for zines built from the ground up and not the top down like places like my space or facebook or other places.

I’m almost glad that I was forced to wait to put out Stolen Sharpie Revolution so that I can add all this awesome new-ness to it! “-alex wrekk.

*I will slowly be building stock of a few zines by other to sell on my Small World Buttons site….. not really a distro, more like support. The first other zine is my sister, Webly’s, new zine called Fueled By Popcorn. It is all about popcorn and has popcorn recipes!


One Response to “We Make Zine- My new favorite place on the internets!”

  1. Who needs google, I’ve got you! Thanks for the info, I’ll see you around WMZ!

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