Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2 Needs your help…

So, I really hate to do this and I thought it wouldn’t come to this…. But every time I almost get enough money for the reprint something disastrous happens in my life and wipes out all the money I have saved. Reprinting Stolen Sharpie Revolution is getting to be some sort of Sisyphean task!

It seems that every week I have people asking me when I will have the book out or how they can help. I love all of you for wanting to help and be involved. I love that you all consider SSR as part of your zine world and want to pass it on to other people. I’m also very sorry for disappointing you…. but hey, I’d much rather have a house with electricity that worked and that didn’t burn down, ya know? Cause if my house burnt down then it would burn down the Stolen Sharpie Revolution paste ups!

I won’t be taking pre-orders until I have over half the money for the reprint but, I have decided to ask for donations. Any bit helps and will be put directly into a savings account. I have set up a donations page on my Small World Buttons site so go here if you have anything you would like to donate.


2 Responses to “Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2 Needs your help…”

  1. 1. Electricity is really over-rated.
    2. This sucks because I am still looking for SSR.
    3. Double sucks because I am a limited budget, after quitting my career to write and dream.
    4. That’s some ca$h to print that up, any cheaper routes, pdf, downloads, and such?
    5. Now I’ll start looking for spare(lol) cash so I can get my hands on your work.

  2. 1. Ya, I mean people lived without it for along time. But, I need my computer and coffee roaster so that I can work.
    2. I’m totally looking forward to the new SSR too! But look at my new post, it makes me excited that I waited!
    3. At least we have our dreams…
    4. I’m not comfortable with pdf and such and I wanted to get it printed on 100% psot consumer recycled paper with environmentally friendly printing… damn me and my ethics are always getting me in trouble!
    5. You are sweet, thank you!

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