Brainscan #23 Out Now!

Brainscan #23 is done! I had it put together in time for the 2008 Portland Zine Symposium… actually I got my copies back the day that it started!
brainscan 23  cover

Brainscan #23 contains a few stories taken from a one off zine I did as well as a few new stories. My favorite one is about a situation I was in while visiting NYC and met and Ex-Boyfriend and his wife…and hilarity ensues. Interspersed in the zine are “travel stories that didn’t really go as far as the travel written about” These are almost like postcards written about silly situations and fun, and not so fun times. Some of the stories included are about high school road trips and Salt Lake City urban legends, touring with a band, spending a summer using auto drive away to move other peoples’ cars, and both the Cut & Paste and Copy & Destroy zine tours in 2003.

The last two issues of Brainscan have been very focused on single subjects, but this one is about amusing stories and life experiences woven with my usual high contrast cut and past layout expressing the play between words and images… as some people call it, typical Brainscan zine. If you like Brainscan you will probably like it. 40 pages ¼ legal. This is the first printing and leftovers from the zine symposium, later versions will have a different into, but the content will remain the same.

Copies can be ordered in 4 separate ways

1) Stick U.S. $2 in and envelope along with a note telling me you would like Brainscan 23 and send it my new post box:

Alex Wrekk
P.O. Box 17230
Portland, Oregon 97217

2) Send $2.75 postage paid directly to my paypal address alex(AT)smallworldbuttond(DOT)com or click on this

3) go to my website and order a copy (and maybe something else like some fresh roasted coffee or pin back buttons) Small World Buttons.

4) Order it at my Brainscan Etsy Shop.

brainscan 23 promo 2
brainscan 23 promo1brainscan 23 promo3

Sorry no trades until I read the pile of zines I picked up at the Zine Symposium last weekend!


3 Responses to “Brainscan #23 Out Now!”

  1. Looks sweet. Makes my first attempt to look like a booger in progress. Now, how should I order this….hhhmmmmmm……..

  2. Well, maybe giving people 4 options was too many!

  3. I chose #4, and now wait with eager anticipation. Next purchase, maybe a NPC button, being an old time rpger, I found that a sweet suprise.

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