ups and downs…

It has been a bad month or so. I’m not even really sure where it started. A few months ago I somehow dropped my 7 pound button machine on my little toe. I think I broke it cause it hurt for a long time. I didn’t see a doctor cause there isn’t really anything you can do about a busted little toe.

I turned 31 on June 19, on the 18th my parents had to put my old dog Stormy to sleep. She was the do that I lived with a few years before I moved out of my parent’s house. On my birthday I got some sort of respiratory sickness that kept me in bed for 3 days. At least I had Paul to take care of me… then he got sick and I had to take care of him.

I’m sure there are a couple things I’m missing but the next big thing was that my favorite grandmother died unexpectently do to complications from surgery. My sister wrote a touching memorial for her on her food blog Fueled By Popcorn. We spent some time in Texas with family and are planning a cross country trip this fall to bring up some items.

Around the time that happened, half the electricity in my house went out. The breakers were blown and wouldn’t stay on…. some were actually melted. This was bad, out house should have burnt down. So, I found a guy to work on the electrical system…. he was surprised the house hadn’t burnt down. A few holes in our walls and over a week with only half the house having electricity, it now works.

You may be asking yourself how this related to Stolen Sharpie Revolution. Well, it does in a very depressing way. I was well on my way to having the money for the reprint. I was pretty stoked on it. I was to the point that I was about to do layout and put up a pre-order request. But, I had to spend all my savings to pay the electrician so now I feel like I am back at square one…. but I won’t give up!

Moving on, the Portland Zine Symposium organizing is in full swing! We hase some great workshops lined up and there are still some tables left so you should grab them now. We have a little over 90 vendors already so space is limited.

BUT, one of the bright shining points in life right now is my redesign of my button site SMALL WORLD BUTTONS! I have redesigned it and added stuff. All my button designs and custom button listings are available there now so you don’t have to deal with Etsy anymore. I’m quite pleased with myself. check out.

Things are getting better, they have to.


One Response to “ups and downs…”

  1. misterbooks Says:

    Things do get better, and they will. Sorry about your loss.
    Finding your blog was a nice treat today as I’ve recently ended my main blog, and am working on a side one, Asylum Letters, that deals mostly with me putting together my first zine. I stumbled upon your blog, looking for info on your book, which I have been hunting down. So baby, it’s kismet, or kismit….whatever.
    Peace to you and yours,

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