I have a new P.O. box! Send mail!

hey there, I finally have a post box again. Webly and Paul and I are going to share it…. It will be just like 1997….except we all live in Portland and not Salt Lake… and Webly and I don’t do a silly zine called Fun in a Bucket anymore…. and over 10 years have past, but still.

New Post Box address:


P.O. BOX 17230


97217-0230 USA


Also, please check out my Etsy shop: http://brainscan.etsy.com

I have some new button designs, I’m down for making custom buttons for your or your project or your friends’ projects and I even got some new coffee for my shop so I now have  Organic Ethiopian Harrar and Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.
Seriously, check it out. I had all this money saved up for SSR… but then the electrical wiring in my house is messed up and only half of it works. So I have to spend money to fix it instead of reprint SSR right now! Any bit of purchase would be muchly appreciated. I am so sick of all the delay and I’m so sick of never being able to get ahead …and I’m sick of letting you all down with the impending reprint.


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