Sorry for the delay!

I got back from Canada and Alaska a week ago…I scrambled to get my work done, then I had my birthday and then I proceeded to be sick in bed for about 5 days. It was no fun. I haven’t been able to work on SSR for awhile… and I haven’t raised enough money and I don’t feel close enough to completion to be able to ask for pre-order money yet. But I’ll let you know when I do.

For now, Let’s talk about the 2008 Portland Zine Symposium and how you want to do a work shop for it:

Check out for more info!

Hello there, all you Portland Zine Symposium supporters, the PZS organizers are ready to start scheduling workshops and panels for the 2008 Portland Zine symposium!

Is there a workshop you’d like to see at Portland Zine Symposium? Is there one you’d like to teach?

Is there a topic you’d like to discuss with fellow zinesters in a public forum? Would you like to lead a discussion on any topic?

Well, you better tell us about it! If you have ideas for workshops and/or panels you’d like to see at the 2008 PZS, email us at If you know someone who teaches workshops or who you think should be involved with panels, send them our way. If you know a zinester who likes to talk about being more active in the zine community, tell them to put their action where their mouth is and send them our way. If you’d like to to lead a workshop and/or panel at PZS, submit a form for our review and probable approval.

You can find the workshop form here:

You can find the panel discussion form here:

Thanks for reading!


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