Etsy Team Zine Public Service Announcement!

So, I’m in bed with laptop right now and before I got started on my tasks in my office/worksop today… and even before I make any of my coffee I wanted to let you know about yet another project I am involved in.

Have you spent any time browsing Etsy? Etsy is a cool site with lots of shops built in that sell handmade things. Their tagline is actually “all things handmade” but you can also find vintage and supplies for making things on the site as well. They also have virtual workshop areas, a forum and an area with articles about crafting called the Storque.

Etsy has various “street teams” for people involved in specific crafts or geographic locations to support eachother buy purchasing ads together, putting on craft shows together, sending out each others fliers or posting in the forums. Lots of the street teams seemed really intensive and demanding. A few of us who create zines didn’t really have the time or energy to be involved with something so… involved.

Team Zine seeks to bring together the zine contingent on Etsy, raise awareness of zines within Etsy, and bring other zine editors to Etsy creating a vibrant and diverse selection of independently published titles available on the site. You can see my our Etsy listing that we have amassed about 25 zine writers that sell items on etsy. We expect the number to grow so if you know anyone who sells zines on Etsy tell them to get in touch.

Etsy Team Zine has a google group as well as posting in the Etsy Forums about Team Zine or other zine related things.

Two Team Zine Members mymy and thelalatheory have had their articles about zines posted in the Storque. Which is pretty great. I think Team Zine is coming along great!

So, if you would like th check out creations from Team Zine on Etsy search for tags and type in “Teamzine” to see what comes up. Or, if you would like to check out my Etsy site to see my zines, my growing catalog of 1″ pinback buttons or 1.25″ pinback button designs, get some custom 1″ buttons or 1.25″ buttons made or check out my fresh roasted coffee feel free to check out the Brainscan Etsy shop those things and more!

Ok, I’m off to make some coffee and get to work on Stolen Sharpie Revolution… I don’t really get holiday weekends like most people.


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