Zine Core Radio Show!

Hey, I was interviewed on the ZineCoreRadioShow last night. You should check it out!

I totally forgot I was being interviewed and paul and I rode up to Vancouver, Washington (not Vancouver, Canada as I said while catching my breath at the beginning of the interview) We went to the Salmon Creek Brewpub, where they have a very fine Belgian Ale. At 5 to 6pm I realized I had to get home to call in! So,we scrambled over the I-5 bridge and back to our home in North Portland so I was a bit scattered in the interview but I think it came out alright.

With that being said, check it out and spread the work. I think that the zinecoreradioshow could lead to awesome places, it’t a great idea. thanks to hannah for letting me be on her show!


Working on SSR has been slow going the past few days. I have had a lot og large button orders to get to…and Portland just decided ti was going to be spring so that’s why I went for a ride yesterday. Today looks like it is going to be nice too so I’m excited. I have been watching the Twin Peaks series for my first time while i have been making buttons… it is starting to seep into my brain because I had some weird dreams last night. I need to get out more.


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