P.S. Zine symposium Fliers?

So, ya, can any of you distribute some fliers for the Portland Zine Symposium? You could send them out with your zines, put them around your town, leave them at other zines fests, send them out with your distro orders.

Send me your address if you are interested!


3 Responses to “P.S. Zine symposium Fliers?”

  1. You can send me flyers. And 10 copies of the latest Brainscan. :]

    Great Worm Express Distribution
    P.O. Box 19013
    360A Bloor Street West
    Toronto, ON M5S 3C9

  2. thanks! I’ll get some out to you.

  3. Yes! Send me a BUNCH. (Or, if they’re something i can print/copy myself, you can just send me one.) I’m finishing my new zine this weekend to take along to an sf/f convention next weekend, and i’d love to distribute flyers both by stuffing them when i mail out zine orders AND while i’m at the convention! If the flyers arrive before i get on the plane wednesday night, i’ll definitely scatter them around during the con.

    Chris Wrdnrd
    PO Box 45536
    WA 98145-0536

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