stolen sharpie revolution, zine distros, the Portland Zine Symposium, oh my!

Thanks everyone for helping to gather up zine distros for the Stolen Sharpie update. It is coming together nicely! I got some editing done today and then went on a bike ride. I have only been riding with my cleats for a few days so far but I didn’t fall today so that’s good.

Did you also know that I am one of the organizers for the Portland Zine Symposium? I have been and off and on organizer since the first year in 2001. Well, this year the Portland Zine Symposium is August 23-24 in Portland Oregon on the campus of Portland State University. We have been a bit slow at organizing this year compared to most years, but we have things sorted now.

The website is mostly up at the workshops are not accurate…actually, we are still looking for people to lead workshops. Feel free to fill out the form there or e-mail us if you would like to lead a workshop. The tabling is not up yet either. The tabling registration should go live this week though. i’ll post about it when it does.

I think I need a nap.


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