keep the Zine libraries coming! I’ll be back Tuesday.

Today I have been doing some research and scouring the internets posting like crazy trying to drum up contacts and what not about zine libraries and updating my listings. Everyone has been so amazingly helpful! Stolen Sharpie Revolution is a resource fore everyone and every bit of info helps make it the best resource it can be. So, the zine library section is shaping up nicely!

In between working on SSR and my own work I spent awhile outside trying out my new clipless pedals for my bike! I got the silly bike shoes with my REI dividend and my pedals already came with cleats so I took the leap! i think it is going to be awesome…and kind of scary at first. i expect to fall over at least 3 times trying to get out of them before I get the hang of it!

Tomorrow I am headed off to a cabin by a river to work on compiling SSR things. I think I might be able to get to some layout too! I’d probably just be walking around in circles reading out loud to myself if I was alone but i’m going up with my partner Paul and his friend Andy and his partner Maria.

You may know Andy and maria from the adorable zine Secret Mystery Love Shoes. I think the three of them are going to work on a zine project while I quiz them about additon to SSR like “so, let’s talk about this idea of zines vs. blogs, why do people think they are diametrically opposed?” , “Do you like these clip art scissors or these?” and “What do you do a zine fest anwyay?”

i’ll be back on Tuesday to ask the question about the shrinking pool of zine distros. For now, keep the zine libraries coming and I’m updating all the time!


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