Stolen Sharpie Revolution! A 6 year history of DIY-ness

Hi, I’m Alex Wrekk the editor of the book Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY Zine Resource. This year is the 6th anniversary of the book!

The very first edition of the book came out in 2002 and the 96 page “guts” were offset printed and hand stapled into photocopied cardstock covers along with a pull out template for making your own envelopes…. putting 3,000 of them together was tedius!. Since then there have been two subsequent editions that were printed as paperback books and there are over 17,000 copies floating around out there! There are also rumors that Stolen Sharpie is dead, It’s not true!

And I should have it done this summer. In the mean time I am working on raising money for the reprint…and I’m half way there!

Stolen Sharpie Revolution is a book I compiled that is a DIY guide to show some insight into the wonderful world of zines! It discusses not only  how to make zines, but also shows a glimpse into zine culture, and how you can make your own zine related crafts.

Stolen Sharpie Revolution is filled with the the stuff you know, stuff you don’t know, stuff you didn’t know you knew! It covers just about about everything with a focus on zines. Tips and tricks for photocopying, doing creative layouts, mail art, zine ettiquette, how to deal with distros and stores, making paper, starting/working a distro, what to do at a zine fest, how to put on a zine fest, how to make your own envelopes and stationary, binding ideas, advertising ideas, cures for writers block and tons more.

As with every edition I’m including an all new updated resource section in the back with zine libraries, distros, stores that sell zines, academic resources, online resources, zine events, and a couple surprises.

I’m really excited with all the new updates and am itching to get it to the printer once it is done. On top of all that I am letting my personal ethics and values regarding social and eco responsibility and having Stolen Sharpie Printed at a smaller eco-friendly printer on post consumer recycled paper!

I’m also publishing it myself under the name Lunchroom Publishing. Lunchroom was the name of a zine that I shared my very first post box with when I was 19 and lived in Utah. All of our mail had to be addressed “c/o Lunchroom” long after the zine stopped publishing. Everyone always asked what the Lunchroom was about so I thought it is now time to resurrect the name to remind me of where I came from and how important my original zine roots are.


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