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Big news! Upcoming fun! Stuff! Things!

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It seems that some sort of weasels have scooped up but are still redirecting it to this wordpress blog. Gee, that sure was nice of them. While I work on sorting that out I have been working on a few things.

One of them being this Zine event listing calendar on my personal blog.

Second, I’m working on a new and awesome version of With the help of Derek Neuland we’ll be parking that at

Third, I just cracked open the last box of 250 copies of Stolen Sharpie Revolution out of the 4,000 print run from 2009! That means that I’m going to have to reprint SSR this year, which seems fitting because it is the 10th anniversary from the first printing in 2002. This also means a bunch of work for me to update EVERYTHING. I have decided to put the most changeable listings like distros, events, libraries, etc. online at

So, stay tuned for more info!

Stolen Sharpie Revolution as feminist gift for teens and the new Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast #2!

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Bitch Magazine posted Stolen Sharpie revolution as a great feminist gift for teen girls!

YOu can get a copy in lots of my places: Small World Buttons, Brainscan Etsy Shop, or even Amazon.


There is a new issue of Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast!

In the second installment of Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast, Alex Wrekk is joined by Derek Neuland. We find out who Derek is, how he got into zines, and much more.  We also find out what Alex has been up to since the first podcast, which included traveling to many countries, touring the United States with 5 folks from the UK, and much more.  They also discuss their experiences organizing the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium, their excitement for the 2011 Chicago Zine Fest, and much more.

You can listen to you it here, or download it into itunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Links for the show:

Chicago Zine Fest
Copy Scams
Portland Zine Symposium
Roberts Street Social Centre
Small World Buttons
Zines On Toast

Did you know I had a newsletter?

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Sign up for my Newsletter here!

It’s true! You can sign up for a newsletter to learn about my latest adventures!

-New Brainscan zines or Stolen Sharpie Revolution info!

New Podcast episodes (shut up! it’s in the works. I swear!)

International Zine Month!

Portland Zine Symposium updates

Small World Buttons and Etsy store updates and coupon codes

-and more ziney and button goodness like zines tours and readings, the 24 hour zine challenge, IPRC events!

I promise not to send newsletters more than every other month. So, sign up now!

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Stolen Sharpie Revolution on Zine Wiki and the Zines On Toast tour!

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Stolen Sharpie Revolution is the featured article on Zine Wiki this month! Check it out: ZineWiki

Also, I’m currently on a zine tour across the US with 5 zine people from the UK. Since my tour mates have come from so far away, we aren’t just stopping in cities to read zines to people, we are also checking out the natural wonders of this country! Last week it was the Redwood Forest, this week it’s the Grand Canyon! We may be stopping in a town near you! You should check out our dates and follow the Zines On Toast blog: Zines On Toast

Also, you can always follow my regular blog at: Love Letters to Irony

A lsit of things and a cat

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1) I just got more boxes of SSR2 back from AK Press!  It’s hard to believe that I have gone through over 2,000 in less than a year. In another year I’ll have to start working on the reprint!

2) Brainscan #24/#25 was reviewed in the Feminist Review blog. It’s a pretty great review I think. Check it out here.

3) I did an e-mail interview with Dan Copulsky at Question Riot. It’s not too long, you can read it here.

4)) What is up with all the Etsy Treasury love? I have been in two this week and one last week! This on here has a bag of my coffee AND one of my buttons in it.

5) Portland Zine Symposium:

a) There are still tables left for the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium. We only allow 1/3rd of the tables to be full tables and all of those must be voted on. I think we are almost full for full tables but there are still half tables! Please register soon to get the early bird price and to be included in the program! Go here.

b) The Portland Zine Symposium has moved to the Stott Gym at Portland State University. Which is rad because it allows for more t ables, but is crappy because it is WAY more expensive! We would love love love it if you could donate anything to the event. We are trying hard not to raise the table costs but this year it seems like we are going to squeak by if not for the help of awesome donors. Please consider donating anything from $5- $1,000,000! We also have gifts for donors! Check it out!

c) We have a facebook page for the 10th Annual Portland Zine Symposium, are you attending?

d) We have a bunch of postcards and posters that we would love for people to distribute around the world. Let me know if you are interested in sending some out or putting a poster up in your local book shop.

e) We have a shop set up if you would like to purchase t-shirts or a mug from past years. Check it out.

6) And now for the cat. I got 3 boxes of Stolen Sharpie from UPS today and while I went to check something on my computer OJ, my housemate’s cat, decided he wanted to get in the box.

Portland zine Symposium 2010!

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Here’s the e-mail we sent out earlier today:

Dear PZS Supporters,
We’ve got a couple major announcements for you! First, are winning artwork for PZS 2010 has been chosen! Our winning artist is Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg and you can view the poster here, but if you check Portland Zine Symposium website, you’ll see her fabulous work has been applied to our website’s design!
Thanks to all who submitted artwork for the 2010 poster art call, it was a challenging design to pick the work to represent the convention this year. We would also like to announce that a close second was artwork from Brian Kaas, so we plan on making a special edition button from his submission, to be available at PZS, as well as printing his poster art on the back of the program.
Now here’s the news you’ve been waiting for!

Registration for the 10th annual Portland Zine Symposium

will open up at 4pm (PST) today, April 6th.

When you register, be on the lookout for a special question in your form, “Would you like to preorder a Special Edition, 10th Anniversary Program?” It adds just $1 to your donation total and ensures you will get the guaranteed-to-be-popular, zine style program we’re cooking up to help commemorate our 1th anniversary!
Also, remember that we’re moving from the Smith Ballroom to PSU’s Main Gym this year. This means more space and more tables! It also means that PZS has to pay a ton more money to book the space. You can support us a variety of ways, but this year we’ve adding some special gifts for supporters able to contribute donations. You can check out the donation levels here and you can donate just by clicking here!
As always, we love help at the event, too. Volunteers at the event get cool things like t-shirts and our undying gratitude.